2012 Event. From Troyes to the Orient Forest,

Aube in Champagne, birthplace of the Order of the Temple, reveals its treasures.


Their history is our treasure

  • A prominent exhibition in Troyes with the National Archives
  • Conferences, a book, an international seminar
  • And six months of events for all audiences to relive the history of the Templars


In 2012, Aube in Champagne, birthplace of the Order of the Temple, invites you to discover the spirit of the first Templars through multiple events spread over 6 months:

  • Exhibition in Troyes with the National Archives:
    Templars. Their history is our treasure
    from 16 June to 31 October 2012, in the Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte
  • Conferences, international seminar and the release of a major reference book
  • Shows, concerts and workshops for young people
  • Visits to emblematic locations, tours with a storyteller, treasure hunts, etc.


Templars, a history born in Champagne

The history of the Order of the Temple is closely tied to the history or Champagne and especially that of the current Aube Department. Founder and first master of the Temple, Hugues de Payns was a native of a village close to Troyes. And the rules of the Order were drawn up and adopted at the Council of Troyes in 1129 under the aegis of Bernard de Clairvaux. Champagne provided great figures for the Order of the Temple and the Crusades. In the Middle Ages, at the behest of the counts of Champagne in Troyes and Provins, Champagne was the quintessential land of Orient adventurers.

Templars, the treasures of Aube in Champagne

700 years after the Order’s dissolution at the Council of Vienna in 1312, the Templars exhibition, Their history is our treasure, will reveal the history and life of the Order, relying on the latest scientific discoveries. The visitor will wander from the imaginary to the historical reality.

Major documents will be on display for viewing. These include the scroll of the legal proceedings, which restores, on more than 20 metres of parchment, the interrogations of the Templars. This precious, rare and fragile document is part of an exceptional loan from the National Archives. The public will also be able to see the monetary treasure of the Payns Commandery (Aube) – 1st Templars Occident Commandery – as well as the archaeological treasures of the Avalleur Commandery (Bar-sur-Seine, Aube), opened to the public for the first time.


Six months of events for everyone

In order to complete the exhibition, conferences, an international seminar on the Templars economy, shows and guided visits will be offered beginning in the spring 2012. To walk in the Templars’ footsteps in Aube, hikes, tours with a storyteller and treasure hunts are also planned (in the Orient Forest) as well as visits to emblematic places: Avalleur Commandery, Templars – Hugues de Payns museum, guided visit of the city of Troyes on the Templars theme, Clairvaux Abbey, etc.


The Aube Department is mobilised to bring the memory of the Templars to life

If such a programme was able to see the light of day, it is because an entire department made a concerted effort to bring the Templars’ memory to life… as was already the case for the exhibition on Champagne sculpture of the “Beautiful 16th century” in Troyes (71,000 visitors in 2009).

Project sponsor, the Departmental Council of Aube was the driving force, with the National Archives, in organising the great exhibition of Troyes and the lecture series.

Numerous initiatives flourished afterwards, thereby federating public and private participants: towns, associations, tourism and culture participants, academic inspection, etc.

Templars, Their history is our treasure, enjoys major support: Ministry of Culture and Communication (regional department of cultural affairs of Champagne-Ardenne), sponsors (Champagne Clérambault, Andra, Crédit Agricole Champagne-Bourgogne) and press partners (Historia).


  • Exhibition open every day from 16 June to 31 October 2012 from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm Troyes. Hôtel-Dieu-le-Comte. Free admission
  • Hugues de Payns museum open every day except Monday and Tuesday
  • Avalleur Commandery, Free admission, every day from 2:30 pm to 6:00 pm
  • Clairvaux Abbey – guided visits every day.

Tourist Information

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